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We’ve all been let down by getting a nail in the tyre on a ride out, don’t sit around waiting for hours on end for the recovery truck any more! For a quick £5 you can save yourself a lot of time in the future, with this small handy tyre repair kit. Fits under seat perfectly for when you need it.

Main Features
● It is a puncture repair kit for tubeless tyre.
● If you go out by cycle, scooter, motorbike or car, you can’t afford to leave home without it.
● This kit will let you repair the puncture quickly and effectively.
● It is essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres.
● Remove the object that caused tyre puncture.
● Insert the rasp into the hole, push and pull the rasp to roughen and clean the edges.
● Coat the needle with the rubber cement, and spread the cement on the hole.
● Insert the repair string into the hole to seal it.

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