Lextek Motorcycle Magnetic Expandable Tank Bag 28L


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The Lextek Tank Bag offers an easy luggage solution for the rider of any motorcycle with a metal fuel tank. Simply load up your belongings and attach it to the tank in seconds!

Our tank bag has all the space required for the everyday rider and for longer journeys can be expanded to carry even more (Including a full face helmet).

Tank bags offer the peace of mind by having your luggage situated in front of you, protected by the fairing (where fitted) and leaving your pillion seat free.

Our tank bag can be used in conjunction with a Lextek Tail Bag, Panniers or Luggage Box to suit your travelling needs.

Capacity: 28L (Expandable)
Material: Storm-Proof Outer with Waterproof Lining
Fitting: Magnetic (Not suitable for plastic fuel tanks)
Width (approx): 320mm
Height (approx): 210mm
Length (approx): 340mm

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